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The Caterpillar brand is instantly recognisable across the world. It exudes confidence, determination and an uncompromising attitude towards excellence. Now, it brings those remarkable ideals to its collection of wrist watches.

CAT Ladies’ Watches: A Break with Convention

The modern woman is at the forefront of every field of endeavour, from engineering and mechanics to fashion and homemaking. She does not compromise in her personal life because she doesn’t compromise professionally.

Caterpillar pays homage to her with its collection of watches made specially for ladies.

The Navigo Lady range of timepieces is the culmination of an unprecedented design journey at Caterpillar. Our engineering team dedicated extraordinary effort to attain a level of functionality, innovation and style becoming of the CAT woman.

The result is a masterpiece of creativity that combines the essential elements of art and science in a stunning timepiece that stands apart from the field. It is accented with rhinestones on the bezel for a touch of femininity and underneath sits Caterpillar’s uncompromisingly accurate clockwork mechanism.

Despite its graciously feminine design that is reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour, watches from Navigo Lady collections are all water resistant up to 100 metres. They have been shaped and contoured to provide unrivalled comfort.

The range is created in four colour combinations: rose gold; silver and gold; silver (stainless steel); silver and rose gold.

Quality Assured

Whether in the boardroom or the great outdoors, Caterpillar accessories will never let you down.

The Caterpillar tradition is over a century old and its commitment to unwavering quality has never faltered. By forging ahead into the world of women’s fashion, the brand has shown its capacity and willingness to embrace femininity without abandoning its ‘tough’ credentials.

These collections for men and women have set the tone for the future. Expect more of the same from CAT.