There are few brands in the world that can claim to possess an inherent vibe as strongly masculine as Caterpillar. The CAT name was established in rugged terrain, as it shaped the world in which we live with machines renowned for their reliability in extreme conditions.

It is with that same singular dedication to excellence that Caterpillar has burst into the world of watches for men.

Caterpillar Watches for Gentlemen

Most men know the Caterpillar name from the resilient work machines that fascinated them in childhood (and usually continue to, even to this day). The unstoppable power of precision engineering works just as resolutely behind the dial of every CAT watch.

Caterpillar men’s watches are presented across thirteen exclusive collections, each with its distinctive design and feel. The classic yellow and black tones for which CAT is known are augmented by a diverse range of refreshing tones and designs that transform the brand from an association with just the outdoors to being equally at home in the boardroom.

To cater to every scenario and to your every mood, virtually every collection comes in a range of four strap material choices. They are: Nylon; LeatherSilicon; Stainless Steel.

Caterpillar brand accessories are masterpieces of quality and style; their design is timeless. Constructed from the ground-up by dedicated professionals who give life to precise engineering drawings, each watch undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that it complies with the high standards of workmanship and function that we have set.

Watches of the Highest Quality

Whether in a display case or on your wrist, a Caterpillar watch is a sight to behold. With their range of the latest features and the promise of extraordinary reliability, every Caterpillar watch collection for men appeals to the connoisseur looking for a collectible, the novice seeking a head-turner and the alpha male who wants to express his true self.