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When you have excelled in a particular field for over a century, it can sometimes be hard for anyone to believe you can do anything else just as well.

The Caterpillar brand has been creating engineering marvels on a grand scale for many years — we haven’t really changed fields with CAT watches; we have just focused that commitment to precision engineering on a smaller scale.

You have before you a complete catalogue of all the watches in all the collections that we have created. Designed both for men and for women, these quality wrist accessories are built to last, regardless of the adventures you take them on.

Transcending Genres

Each CAT watch collection is driven to fill a niche. Whether you want a watch to accompany you to the office, the jungle, the ocean, the desert, or all over the world, there is a Caterpillar timepiece perfect for the job. In fact, most of them are ideal for each one of those scenarios.

Within a collection, the main differences in appearance might be in the:

Colour of the dial; Colour of the strap; Strap material — stainless steel, silicone, nylon or leather.

By combining a wide range of colours and designs, often in dual tone, CAT watches give you a durable and enduring fashion statement that does not compromise function for aesthetics, or vice versa.

Specialised models may have a shock resistant design, incorporate a chronograph, or be ordinary-looking automatic watches that are anything but. Regardless of individual style, they share the hard-wearing quality all CATs embody.

Creating Collectibles

Every Caterpillar watch in this catalogue is made with you in mind. Each combines the best of the world of tough, demanding engineering with an avant-garde take on fashion and style.

Whether or not you know the history of our company, a CAT watch is the perfect way to discover it.