Watch Maintenance

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    Bracelet Watches
    Direct contact with sprays such as hairsprays, perfumes or detergents may cause damage to your watch.

    Leather Straps
    Leather straps deteriorate at different rates depending on climatic conditions, sweat acidity and levels of wear and tear. To ensure your leather strap lasts as long as possible take the following precautions: avoid soaking your strap in water, avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight, and avoid direct contact with solvents, detergents and perfumes.

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    Waterproof Watches

    Always make sure the crown on your watch is always fully locked or screwed down to avoid water from entering onto the case which can cause considerable damage to the movement. A hard knock might cause a watch to lose its water resistance without you realising it. Be sure to service water resistant watches regularly. Water resistant watches must be opened and closed by a skilled watchmaker.

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    Battery / Power

    Quartz Watches
    All quartz watches are powered by batteries so it is not necessary to wind them. If your quartz watch stops, have the battery checked as soon as possible. A "dead" battery may cause serious damage to the movement if left inside the watch too long. Quartz analogue watches contain both electronic and mechanical parts which require periodic servicing.

    Automatic Watches
    The self-winding device in automatic watches keeps the watch wound while it is being worn. Off the wrist, it will keep going for between 28 to 48 hours. To restart the watch after this time, rewind it manually. A Chronograph is a timepiece equipped with additional time measurement  functions independent of normal time-telling.

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    Mechanical and automatic watches should be cleaned and serviced every three years to ensure trouble-free time keeping. The moving parts of quartz watches also need maintenance, as they are not under tension and any small, foreign particle is sufficient stop them.

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    From time to time
    Clean your watchcase and metal band with a soft brush and liquid soap, then rinse with water.